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How to Stay Awake During your Boring Office Day

One issue often faced by working professionals are those days where the clock moves at a snail’s pace and it becomes a challenge to stay awake.  Often the root cause of this is attributed to boredom but it is in fact a complex psychological issue and this listlessness can be stopped by making a few changes to both home and working life.

Vibrant Surroundings Equal Vibrant Minds

Assess your current work station.  Clutter is a proven de-motivator and paperwork can often build up into piles lacking any constructive direction and creating a mindset of an insurmountable task to fix.  Try clearing your workspace into orderly folders and placing colourful office supplies and tools to help you stay on top of your tasks.  Bring in photographs of either family treasured memories or inspiring places.  Also try decorating your environment with beautiful art and motivational sayings.  Walking into a structured and interesting environment works extremely well in creating an enthusiastic attitude.

Create Work Goals and Rewards

Daily and repetitive tasks can become less challenging by setting a specific deadline and breaking it down into smaller steps.  Aim to complete replies to emails, sort out filing chores and finish reports within certain timescales and then reward yourself with something that works for you.  This could be a short break outside or a walk to the canteen to purchase a healthy drink or snack.  Generally getting up and moving around, along with resting the eyes away from looking at the computer screen helps stop stress and re-energise the body and brain.  Find out what your incentive ‘carrot’ is and apply it to those tedious areas of your working day.

Healthy Lifestyle Both At Work and Home

The body and mind thrive on regular rest and although it can appear to be difficult in this modern age to get the suggested eight hours sleep, making small adjustments over a period of time is often all than is needed to start feeling at optimum alertness. Tiredness can be alleviated immediately with exercise.  Gym visits before work are extremely beneficial but if this does not appeal, then consider getting up earlier and taking a walk before work.  The long term benefits are immense and eating a positive diet, finding a form of exercise which works for you and getting enough rest will create productivity both at work and home.

Still feeling sleepy?  Have a look at your general lifestyle and see if there are any areas that could be improved. Tackling this problem lies in finding the right tools to stay awake at the office, whilst creating a synergistic environment, with overall lifestyle changes incorporating enough rest and stimulation from exercise in equal measures. Satisfaction at work, along with a strong sense of job completion will come from being more awake using these tips.

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