Canon Printer Supplies, Ink, Toner

Canon ink and toner cartridges are sure to deliver brighter hues to your documents and photos. Receive great value for your money when you purchase Canon compatible supplies without sacrificing quality of prints. Supplies Group advertises new compatible cartridges, not remanufactured, so you can be assured quality is ultra-precise.

Canon Toner, Ink


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Canon Ink Supplies
Choose your Canon Ink below:

B Series

Canon B100 Ink Canon B110 Ink Canon B150 Ink

BJC Series

Canon BJC 3000 Ink Canon BJC 3010 Ink Canon BJC 6100 Ink
Canon BJC 3010 Ink Canon BJC 6100 Ink Canon BJC 6200 Ink
Canon BJC 8200 Ink    

Bubblejet Series

Canon BubbleJet i70 Ink Canon BubbleJet i80 Ink  

Fax Series

Canon B180C Ink Canon B210C Ink Canon B215C Ink
Canon B230C Ink

i Series

Canon i250 Ink Canon i320 Ink Canon i350 Ink
Canon i450 Ink Canon i455 Ink Canon i470 Ink
Canon i475 Ink Canon i550 Ink Canon i850 Ink
Canon i900 Ink Canon i950 Ink Canon i960 Ink
Canon i9100 Ink Canon i9900 Ink  

iP Series

Canon iP3600 Ink Canon iP4000 Ink Canon iP4600 Ink
Canon iP4700 Ink Canon iP4850 Ink Canon iP5000 Ink
Canon iP6000 Ink    

MG Series

Canon MG-2450 Ink Canon MG-2550 Ink Canon MG-5150 Ink
Canon MG-5250 Ink Canon MG-6150 Ink Canon MG-6450 Ink
Canon MG-6850 Ink Canon MG-8150 Ink

MP Series

Canon MP-150 Ink Canon MP-170 Ink Canon MP-230 Ink
Canon MP-260 Ink Canon MP-270 Ink Canon MP-272 Ink
Canon MP-280 Ink Canon MP-282 Ink Canon MP-490 Ink
Canon MP-495 Ink Canon MP-499 Ink Canon MP-500 Ink
Canon MP-510 Ink Canon MP-520 Ink Canon MP-530 Ink
Canon MP-550 Ink Canon MP-600 Ink Canon MP-610 Ink
Canon MP-800 Ink Canon MP-810 Ink Canon MP-830 Ink
Canon MP-950 Ink Canon MP-980 Ink Canon MP-960 Ink
Canon MP-970 Ink

MultiPass Series

Canon 10 Ink Canon 155 Ink Canon C70 Ink
Canon C75 Ink Canon C80 Ink Canon C730 Ink
Canon F30 Ink Canon F50 Ink Canon F60 Ink
Canon F80 Ink Canon MP320 Ink Canon MP360 Ink
Canon MP370 Ink Canon MP390 Ink Canon MP700 Ink
Canon MP730 Ink    

MX Series

Canon MX-320 Ink Canon MX-330 Ink Canon MX-340 Ink
Canon MX-350 Ink Canon MX-410 Ink Canon MX-420 Ink
Canon MX-495 Ink Canon MX-700 Ink Canon MX-850 Ink
Canon MX-860 Ink Canon MX-870 Ink    

Pixma Series

Canon iP90 Ink Canon iP1500 Ink Canon iP2000 Ink
Canon iP3300 Ink Canon iP3500 Ink Canon iP4200 Ink
Canon iP4300 Ink Canon iP4500 Ink Canon iP5200 Ink
Canon iP5200 Ink Canon iP6210 Ink Canon iP6600 Ink
Canon iP6620 Ink Canon iP8500 Ink Canon MP130 Ink

S Series

Canon S-200 Ink Canon S-300 Ink Canon S-330 Ink
Canon S-400 Ink Canon S-450 Ink Canon S-455 Ink
Canon S-500 Ink Canon S-520 Ink Canon S-600 Ink
Canon S-630 Ink Canon S-750 Ink Canon S-830 Ink
Canon S-4500 Ink

Selphy Series

Canon DS700 Ink Canon DS810 Ink  

Canon Toner Supplies
Choose your Canon Toner below:

FC Series

Canon FC100 Toner Canon FC108 Toner Canon FC120 toner
Canon FC128 Toner Canon FC200 Toner Canon FC204 Toner
Canon FC206 Toner Canon FC208 Toner Canon FC210 Toner
Canon FC220 Toner Canon FC224 Toner Canon FC226 Toner
Canon FC228 Toner Canon FC230 Toner Canon FC310 Toner
Canon FC330 Toner Canon FC336 Toner Canon FC530 Toner

iR Series

Canon iR1018 Toner Canon iR1020 Toner Canon iRC1021 Toner
Canon iR1024 Toner Canon iRC1028 Toner Canon iR1210 Toner
Canon iR1230 Toner Canon iR1270 Toner Canon iR1510 Toner
Canon iR1530 Toner Canon iR1570 Toner Canon iR1600 Toner
Canon iR1610F Toner Canon iR2000 Toner Canon iR2010F Toner
Canon iR2200 Toner Canon iR2230 Toner Canon iRC2380 Toner
Canon iR2270 Toner Canon iR2870 Toner Canon iRC2880 Toner
Canon iR3025N Toner Canon iRC3380 Toner Canon iRC3580 Toner
Canon iRC5030 Toner Canon iRC5250 Toner

i-Sensys Series

Canon LBP-5050 Toner Canon LBP-7100 Toner Canon LBP-7110 Toner
Canon LBP-7200 Toner Canon LBP-7750 Toner Canon LBP7780 Toner
Canon MF-4010 Toner Canon MF-4120 Toner Canon MF-4140 Toner
Canon MF-4150 Toner Canon MF-4270 Toner Canon MF-4320 Toner
Canon MF-4330 Toner Canon MF-4340 Toner Canon MF-4350 Toner
Canon MF-4370 Toner Canon MF-4380 Toner Canon MF-4450 Toner
Canon MF-4690 Toner Canon MF-4660 Toner Canon MF-4870 Toner
Canon MF-8230 Toner Canon MF-8280 Toner Canon MF-8330 Toner
Canon MF-8350 Toner

L Series

Canon L100 Toner Canon L120 Toner Canon L200 Toner
Canon L250 Toner Canon L280 Toner Canon L300 Toner
Canon L350 Toner Canon L390 Toner Canon L400 Toner
Canon L800 Toner Canon L900 Toner  

LBP Series

Canon LBP-300 Toner Canon LBP-800 Toner Canon LBP-810 Toner
Canon LBP-1110 Toner Canon LBP-1120 Toner Canon LBP-2900 Toner
Canon LBP-3000 Toner Canon LBP-3200 Toner Canon LBP-3300 Toner
Canon LBP-3360 Toner Canon LBP-5050 Toner Canon LBP-5200 Toner
Canon LBP-6000 Toner Canon LBP-6300 Toner Canon LBP-6650 Toner

MF Series

Canon MF-211 Toner Canon MF-217 Toner Canon MF-5840DN Toner
Canon MF-5880DN Toner Canon MF-8080 Toner Canon MF-8050CN Toner
Canon MF-8040 Toner Canon MF-8030CN Toner Canon MF-8180C Toner

MPL Series

Canon MPL-60 Toner Canon MPL-90 Toner Canon MPL-260 Toner

NP Series

Canon NP-6012 Toner Canon NP-6112 Toner Canon NP-6212 Toner
Canon NP-6312 Toner Canon NP-6512 Toner Canon NP-6612 Toner

PC Series

Canon PC-740 Toner Canon PC-750 Toner Canon PC-760 Toner
Canon PC-770 Toner Canon PC-780 Toner Canon PC-890 Toner

PCD Series

Canon PCD-320 Toner Canon PCD-340 Toner  

FAX Series

Canon FAX-L500 Toner Canon FAX-L1000 Toner Canon FAX-L2000 Toner

Canon Ink Cartridges

For photos and professional documents, Canon ink is what you need to create unique documents. Canon colour ink cartridges brighten up photos and business materials. At the Supplies Group Ltd. we have original Canon ink and compatible Canon ink to cater to all of your needs. Canon original ink cartridges are made by Canon while compatible Canon ink is made by a different manufacturer to save you money.

Canon MP Ink and Canon IP Ink

For Canon PIXMA printers, the Supplies Group Ltd. supplies all of the Canon MP ink and Canon IP ink that you need. Unlike other inkjet printers, Canon colour ink comes in separate cartridges so that you get better colour results. This also reduces overall costs as you only have to replace one cartridge at a time. We offer Canon colour ink cartridges for models, as in Canon IP4000 ink.

Canon Printer Supplies

All original Canon ink cartridges and compatible Canon ink cartridges are available through the Supplies Group Ltd. with a no quibble guarantee to ensure customer satisfaction. Our Canon colour ink is of the highest quality to be certain that your prints and photos come out looking brilliant. If you have any questions or concerns regarding Canon ink, Canon MP ink or Canon IP ink, feel free to give us a ring at 0800 783 5839.

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