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A main goal of Supplies Group is to provide customers with advanced printing solutions. With our ink and toner cartridges for HP printers, we know that we can fulfil this focus. Check out our range of HP compatible ink and toner cartridges today, and try out our impressive HP supplies.


HP Toner Supplies
Choose your HP Toner below:

Colour LaserJet Series

HP Colour LaserJet M750 Toner HP Colour LaserJet 1500 Toner HP Colour LaserJet 1600 Toner
HP Colour LaserJet 2500 Toner HP Colour LaserJet 2550 Toner HP Colour LaserJet 2600 Toner
HP Colour LaserJet 2605 Toner HP Colour LaserJet 2605DN Toner HP Colour LaserJet 2700 Toner
HP Colour LaserJet 2820 Toner HP Colour LaserJet 2840 Toner HP Colour LaserJet 3000 Toner
HP Colour LaserJet 3500 Toner HP Colour LaserJet 3550 Toner HP Colour LaserJet 3600 Toner
HP Colour LaserJet 3700 Toner HP Colour LaserJet 3800 Toner HP Colour LaserJet 4005 Toner
HP Colour LaserJet 4600 Toner HP Colour LaserJet 4650 Toner HP Colour LaserJet 4700 Toner
HP Colour LaserJet 4730 Toner HP Colour LaserJet 5500 Toner HP Colour LaserJet CP5520 Toner
HP Colour LaserJet CP5525 Toner HP Colour LaserJet 5550 Toner HP Colour LaserJet 8500 Toner
HP Colour LaserJet 8550 Toner HP Colour LaserJet 9500 Toner HP Colour LaserJet CM1312 Toner
HP Colour LaserJet CM1415 Toner HP Colour LaserJet CM2320 Toner HP LaserJet CM4540 Toner
HP Colour LaserJet CP1025 Toner HP Colour LaserJet CP1210 Toner HP Colour LaserJet CP1215 Toner
HP Colour LaserJet CP1217 Toner HP Colour LaserJet CP1512 Toner HP Colour LaserJet CP1514 Toner
HP Colour LaserJet CP1515 Toner HP Colour LaserJet CP1518 Toner HP Colour LaserJet CP1525 Toner
HP Colour LaserJet CP2025 Toner HP Colour LaserJet CP3505 Toner HP Colour LaserJet CP3505n Toner
HP Colour LaserJet CP3525n Toner HP Colour LaserJet CM3530 Toner HP Colour LaserJet CP4005 Toner
HP Colour LaserJet CP4025 Toner HP Colour LaserJet CP4525 Toner HP Colour LaserJet CP5225 Toner
HP Colour LaserJet CP6015 Toner HP Colour LaserJet CM6030 Toner HP Colour LaserJet CM6040 Toner
HP Colour LaserJet M175 Toner HP Colour LaserJet Pro M176 Toner HP Colour LaserJet Pro M177 Toner
HP Colour LaserJet Pro M252 Toner HP Colour LaserJet Pro M277 Toner HP Colour LaserJet Pro M201 Toner
HP Colour LaserJet M351 Toner HP Colour LaserJet M251 Toner HP Colour LaserJet M276 Toner
HP Colour LaserJet M375 Toner HP Colour LaserJet M451 Toner HP Colour LaserJet M475 Toner
HP Colour LaserJet M476 Toner

LaserJet Series

HP LaserJet 4 Toner HP LaserJet 5 Toner HP LaserJet 1000 Toner
HP LaserJet 1010 Toner HP LaserJet 1012 Toner HP LaserJet 1015 Toner
HP LaserJet 1017 Toner HP LaserJet 1018 Toner HP LaserJet 1020 Toner
HP LaserJet 1022 Toner HP LaserJet 1100 Toner HP LaserJet 1100A Toner
HP LaserJet 1150A Toner HP LaserJet 1160 Toner HP LaserJet 1200 Toner
HP LaserJet 1220 Toner HP LaserJet 1300 Toner HP LaserJet 1320 Toner
HP LaserJet 2000 Toner HP LaserJet 2014-2015-2727 Toner HP LaserJet 2300 Toner
HP LaserJet 3000 Toner HP LaserJet 3015 Toner HP LaserJet 3030 Toner
HP LaserJet 3050 Toner HP LaserJet 3052 Toner HP LaserJet 3055 Toner
HP LaserJet 3300 Toner HP LaserJet 3380 Toner HP LaserJet 4000 Toner
HP LaserJet 4100 Toner HP LaserJet 4200 Toner HP LaserJet 4250 Toner
HP LaserJet 4300 Toner HP LaserJet 4345MFP Toner HP LaserJet 4300 Toner
HP LaserJet 5200 Toner HP LaserJet 5000 Toner HP LaserJet 8000 Toner
HP LaserJet 8100 Toner HP LaserJet 9000 Toner HP LaserJet II Toner
HP LaserJet III Toner HP LaserJet M1120 Toner HP LaserJet M1132 Toner
HP LaserJet M1212 Toner HP LaserJet M1522 Toner HP LaserJet M1536dnf Toner
HP LaserJet M4555 Toner HP LaserJet M5025 Toner HP LaserJet M5035 Toner
HP LaserJet P1005 Toner HP LaserJet P1006 Toner HP LaserJet P1102 Toner
HP LaserJet P1505 Toner HP LaserJet P1566 Toner HP LaserJet P1606 Toner
HP LaserJet P2030 Toner HP LaserJet P2035 Toner HP LaserJet P2055 Toner
HP LaserJet 2410 Toner HP LaserJet 2420 Toner HP LaserJet 2430 Toner
HP LaserJet P3005 Toner HP LaserJet P3015 Toner HP LaserJet P4014 Toner
HP LaserJet P4015 Toner HP LaserJet Pro MFP Toner HP LaserJet Pro M1217 Toner
HP LaserJet Pro 400-M425 Toner HP LaserJet Pro 400-M401 Toner HP LaserJet Pro M521 Toner
HP LaserJet Pro M521dw Toner HP LaserJet Pro M521dn Toner

LaserJet Enterprise Series

Enterprise 500 Toner Enterprise M506 Toner Enterprise M525 Toner
Enterprise M525c Toner Enterprise M525dn Toner Enterprise M525f Toner
Enterprise 551 Toner Enterprise 552 Toner Enterprise 575 Toner
Enterprise M604 Toner Enterprise M630 Toner Enterprise M651 Toner
Enterprise M712 Toner Enterprise M725 Toner Enterprise 700/M775 Toner
Enterprise P3015d Toner Enterprise P3015dn Toner Enterprise P3015x Toner

HP Ink Supplies
Choose your HP Ink below:

Business InkJet Series

HP Business InkJet 1000 Ink HP Business InkJet 1100 Ink HP Business InkJet 1200 Ink
HP Business InkJet 2000 Ink HP Business InkJet 2200 Ink HP Business InkJet 2230 Ink
HP Business InkJet 2250 Ink HP Business InkJet 2280 Ink HP Business InkJet 2300 Ink
HP Business InkJet 2500 Ink HP Business InkJet 2600 Ink HP Business InkJet 2800 Ink
HP Business InkJet 3000 Ink

Colour DesignJet Series

HP Colour DesignJet 10 Ink HP Colour DesignJet 20 Ink HP Colour DesignJet 50 Ink HP Colour DesignJet 100 Ink
HP Colour DesignJet 110 Ink HP Colour DesignJet 500 Ink HP Colour DesignJet 600 Ink HP Colour DesignJet 800 Ink
HP Colour DesignJet 815mfp Ink HP Colour DesignJet cc800ps Ink HP Colour DesignJet ColourPro CAD Ink HP Colour DesignJet ColourPro GA Ink
HP Colour DesignJet cc800ps Ink HP Colour DesignJet ColourPro CAD Ink HP Colour DesignJet ColourPro GA Ink HP Colour DesignJet T1100 Ink
HP Colour DesignJet 111 Ink HP Colour DesignJet 510 Ink HP Colour DesignJet T1200 Ink HP Colour DesignJet T1300 Ink
HP Colour DesignJet T2100 Ink HP Colour DesignJet T610 Ink HP Colour DesignJet T620 Ink HP Colour DesignJet T770 Ink
HP Colour DesignJet 5000 Ink

Colour InkJet Series

HP Colour InkJet CP1700 Ink HP Colour InkJet CP1160 Ink

Copier Series

HP Copier 310 Ink HP Copier 410 Ink

DeskJet Series

HP DeskJet 10 Ink HP DeskJet 310 Ink HP DeskJet 320 Ink
HP DeskJet 338 Ink HP DeskJet 339 Ink HP DeskJet 340 Ink
HP DeskJet 344 Ink HP DeskJet 350 Ink HP DeskJet 400 Ink
HP DeskJet 420 Ink HP DeskJet 450 Ink HP DeskJet 460 Ink
HP DeskJet 500 Ink HP DeskJet 510 Ink HP DeskJet 540 Ink
HP DeskJet 550c Ink HP DeskJet 560c Ink HP DeskJet 600 Ink
HP DeskJet 610c Ink HP DeskJet 615c Ink HP DeskJet 640c Ink
HP DeskJet 656c Ink HP DeskJet 660c Ink HP DeskJet 670c Ink
HP DeskJet 690c Ink HP DeskJet 695c Ink HP DeskJet 840c Ink
HP DeskJet 843c Ink HP DeskJet 916 Ink HP DeskJet 920 Ink
HP DeskJet 930 Ink HP DeskJet 940 Ink HP DeskJet 950 Ink
HP DeskJet 959 Ink HP DeskJet 960 Ink HP DeskJet 970CXi Ink
HP DeskJet 980 Ink HP DeskJet 990 Ink HP DeskJet 995 Ink
HP DeskJet 1000 Ink HP DeskJet 1010 Ink HP DeskJet 1050 Ink
HP DeskJet 1100c Ink HP DeskJet 1120 Ink HP DeskJet 1180 Ink
HP DeskJet 1200 Ink HP DeskJet 1220 Ink HP DeskJet 1510 Ink
HP DeskJet 1600 Ink HP DeskJet 2050 Ink HP DeskJet 2510 Ink
HP DeskJet 2540 Ink HP DeskJet 3050 Ink HP DeskJet 3810 Ink
HP DeskJet 3816 Ink HP DeskJet 3820 Ink HP DeskJet 3822 Ink
HP DeskJet 4360 Ink HP DeskJet 5150 Ink HP DeskJet 5440 Ink
HP DeskJet 5550 Ink HP DeskJet 5600 Ink HP DeskJet 5740 Ink
HP DeskJet 5743 Ink HP DeskJet 5745 Ink HP DeskJet 5850 Ink
HP DeskJet 5940 Ink HP DeskJet 5943 Ink HP DeskJet 6122 Ink
HP DeskJet 6127 Ink HP DeskJet 6520 Ink HP DeskJet 6540 Ink
HP DeskJet 6620 Ink HP DeskJet 6623 Ink HP DeskJet 6840 Ink
HP DeskJet 6843 Ink HP DeskJet 6940 Ink HP DeskJet 6980 Ink
HP DeskJet 9300 Ink HP DeskJet 9600 Ink HP DeskJet 9800 Ink
HP DeskJet 9803 Ink HP DeskJet D1600 Ink HP DeskJet D1660 Ink
HP DeskJet D2500 Ink HP DeskJet D2560 Ink HP DeskJet D2660 Ink
HP DeskJet D4260 Ink HP DeskJet P1000 Ink HP DeskJet V45 Ink

DeskWriter Series

HP DeskWriter 310 HP DeskWriter 320 HP DeskWriter 520
HP DeskWriter 540 HP DeskWriter 550c HP DeskWriter 560c
HP DeskWriter 600 HP DeskWriter 660c HP DeskWriter 670c

FAX Series

HP FAX 1220 HP FAX 1230

OfficeJet Series

HP OfficeJet 350c Ink HP OfficeJet 500 Ink HP OfficeJet 590 Ink
HP OfficeJet 635 Ink HP OfficeJet 700 Ink HP OfficeJet 710 Ink
HP OfficeJet 725 Ink HP OfficeJet 1150c Ink HP OfficeJet 2620 Ink
HP OfficeJet 4105 Ink HP OfficeJet 4110 Ink HP OfficeJet 4215 Ink
HP OfficeJet 4219 Ink HP OfficeJet 4255 Ink HP OfficeJet 4315 Ink
HP OfficeJet 4500 Ink HP OfficeJet 5110 Ink HP OfficeJet 5505 Ink
HP OfficeJet 5510 Ink HP OfficeJet 5515 Ink HP OfficeJet 5550 Ink
HP OfficeJet 6110 Ink HP OfficeJet 6210 Ink HP OfficeJet 6215 Ink
HP OfficeJet 6310 Ink HP OfficeJet 6500 Ink HP OfficeJet 7110 Ink
HP OfficeJet 7130 Ink HP OfficeJet 7140xi Ink HP OfficeJet 7210 Ink
HP OfficeJet 7213 Ink HP OfficeJet 7310 Ink HP OfficeJet 7313 Ink
HP OfficeJet 7410 Ink HP OfficeJet 7413 Ink HP OfficeJet 8000 Ink
HP OfficeJet 8100 Ink HP OfficeJet 8500 Ink HP OfficeJet 8600 Ink
HP OfficeJet 9110 Ink HP OfficeJet 9110 Ink HP OfficeJet 9120 Ink
HP OfficeJet 9130 Ink HP OfficeJet D Ink HP OfficeJet D1460 Ink
HP OfficeJet F380 Ink HP OfficeJet F2180 Ink HP OfficeJet g55 Ink
HP OfficeJet g85 Ink HP OfficeJet g95 Ink HP OfficeJet H470 Ink
HP OfficeJet J3680 Ink HP OfficeJet J4524 Ink HP OfficeJet J4535 Ink
HP OfficeJet J4540 Ink HP OfficeJet J4550 Ink HP OfficeJet J4580 Ink
HP OfficeJet J4585 Ink HP OfficeJet J4660 Ink HP OfficeJet J4680 Ink
HP OfficeJet J5780 Ink HP OfficeJet J6410 Ink HP OfficeJet k60 Ink
HP OfficeJet k80 Ink HP OfficeJet K550 Ink HP OfficeJet K5400 Ink
HP OfficeJet K7100 Ink HP OfficeJet K8600 Ink HP OfficeJet L7480 Ink
HP OfficeJet L7580 Ink HP OfficeJet L7590 Ink HP OfficeJet L7680 Ink
HP OfficeJet L7780 Ink HP OfficeJet LX Ink HP OfficeJet v30 Ink
HP OfficeJet v40 Ink HP OfficeJet v45 Ink HP Officejet 4620 Ink
HP OfficeJet 6100 Ink HP OfficeJet 6600 Ink HP OfficeJet 6700 Ink
HP OfficeJet Pro 251 Ink HP OfficeJet Pro 276 Ink HP OfficeJet Pro 6830 Ink
HP OfficeJet L7700 Ink HP OfficeJet X451 Ink HP OfficeJet X476 Ink
HP OfficeJet X551 Ink HP OfficeJet X576 Ink

PhotoSmart Series

HP PhotoSmart 100 Ink HP PhotoSmart 130 Ink HP PhotoSmart 145 Ink
HP PhotoSmart 230 Ink HP PhotoSmart 245 Ink HP PhotoSmart 325 Ink
HP PhotoSmart 335 Ink HP PhotoSmart 375 Ink HP PhotoSmart 385 Ink
HP PhotoSmart 428 Ink HP PhotoSmart 475 Ink HP PhotoSmart 1000 Ink
HP PhotoSmart 1100 Ink HP PhotoSmart 1115 Ink HP PhotoSmart 1215 Ink
HP PhotoSmart 1218 Ink HP PhotoSmart 1315 Ink HP PhotoSmart 2575 Ink
HP PhotoSmart 2610 Ink HP PhotoSmart 2613 Ink HP PhotoSmart 2710 Ink
HP PhotoSmart 2713 Ink HP PhotoSmart 3110 Ink HP PhotoSmart 3210 Ink
HP PhotoSmart 3310 Ink HP PhotoSmart 7150 Ink HP PhotoSmart 7260 Ink
HP PhotoSmart 7345 Ink HP PhotoSmart 7350 Ink HP PhotoSmart 7450 Ink
HP PhotoSmart 7459 Ink HP PhotoSmart 7520 Ink HP PhotoSmart 7550 Ink
HP PhotoSmart 7660 Ink HP PhotoSmart 7755 Ink HP PhotoSmart 7760 Ink
HP PhotoSmart 7762 Ink HP PhotoSmart 7960 Ink HP PhotoSmart 8050 Ink
HP PhotoSmart 8150 Ink HP PhotoSmart 8153 Ink HP PhotoSmart 8250 Ink
HP PhotoSmart 8450 Ink HP PhotoSmart 8453 Ink HP PhotoSmart 8750 Ink
HP PhotoSmart 8753 Ink HP PhotoSmart A432 Ink HP PhotoSmart A433 Ink
HP PhotoSmart A516 Ink HP PhotoSmart A526 Ink HP PhotoSmart A612 Ink
HP PhotoSmart A618 Ink HP PhotoSmart A626 Ink HP PhotoSmart A826 Ink
HP PhotoSmart B8850 Ink HP PhotoSmart C3180 Ink HP PhotoSmart C4180 Ink
HP PhotoSmart C4280 Ink HP PhotoSmart C4480 Ink HP PhotoSmart C4780 Ink
HP PhotoSmart C5180 Ink HP PhotoSmart C5280 Ink HP PhotoSmart C6280 Ink
HP PhotoSmart C7280 Ink HP PhotoSmart D5360 Ink HP PhotoSmart D7160 Ink
HP PhotoSmart D7360 Ink HP PhotoSmart D7460 Ink HP PhotoSmart D8180 Ink
HP PhotoSmart Pro B8350 Ink HP PhotoSmart Pro B9180 Ink HP PhotoSmart 5510 Ink
HP PhotoSmart 6510 Ink HP PhotoSmart 7510 Ink HP PhotoSmart 6380 Ink
HP PhotoSmart C309A Ink HP PhotoSmart B8550 Ink

PSC Series

HP PSC 500 Ink HP PSC 750 Ink HP PSC 950 Ink
HP PSC 1100 Ink HP PSC 1200 Ink HP PSC 1210 Ink
HP PSC 1310 Ink HP PSC 1340 Ink HP PSC 1350 Ink
HP PSC 1355 Ink HP PSC 1410 Ink HP PSC 1510 Ink
HP PSC 1610 Ink HP PSC 2100 Ink HP PSC 2200 Ink
HP PSC 2350 Ink HP PSC 2355 Ink HP PSC 2410 Ink
HP PSC 2510 Ink

QuietJet Series

HP QuietJet Ink HP QuietJet Plus Ink

ThinkJet Series

HP ThinkJet Ink

Envy Series

HP Evny 4500 Ink HP Envy 4505 Ink HP Envy 5530 Ink

HP Ink Cartridges

For Hewlett Packard ink, the Supplies Group Ltd. is your number one place to shop. HP ink cartridges create brilliant images that add flair to all of your professional prints. We supply HP ink for all varieties of HP printers, including OfficeJet ink, Photosmart ink, and DeskJet ink. DeskJet ink cartridges, as well as many other HP ink cartridges, are available in compatible cartridges to save you money without losing on quality.

HP Toner Cartridges

HP toner assists in advancing the productivity of your workplace. Through efficient HP printers, HP toner produces clear text and vibrant colors. At the Supplies Group Ltd. we keep a large inventory of HP LaserJet toner, as well as colour LaserJet toner. HP toner can be purchased in OEM or compatible cartridges, as in HP 1000 toner.

HP Printer Supplies

DeskJet ink and Officejet ink supplies enable quick, efficient printing for your professional needs. Photosmart ink brings creativity to marketing materials and various projects. HP LaserJet toner produces crisp text and colour LaserJet toner adds some pop to documents. All of these various HP toners can be found at the Supplies Group Ltd. with a no quibble guarantee.

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